Jun 14, 2019

69 nurses say Shafi didn't perform sterilization procedures

The CID had questioned 69 nurses who had assisted Dr. Mohamed Shafi at the Kurunegala Hospital perform caesarean operations, but all of them said that they had never seen Dr. Shafi perform any sterilization of cause damage to any of the patients fallopian tubes.

They all said that this procedure is not something that could be done secretively.

It is reported that around 70 nurses had assisted Dr. Shafi during the surgeries and the CID had questioned and obtained statements from 69 of them. They were only unable to record a statement from just one nurse.

The reason being that the said nurse is currently receiving treatment at the Colombo National Hospital.

Shafi is not a VOG

It has been revealed that by the media reports suggesting that Dr. Shafi was a VOG, a big mistake has taken place.

He is not VOG, but a mere MBBS doctor.

There are four doctors working under the VOG at the Kurunegala hospital. They are known as Senior House Officers (SHO) and Shafi is one of them. In addition, two Intern House Officers are appointed every six months on rotation basis.