May 27, 2019

HRC allegations against Acting IGP!

The Human Rights Council charged that adequate measures have still not been taken to control the unrest in the Wayamba Province.

This was revealed in a letter sent to the IGP under the signature of the Chairman of the Human Rights Council Dr. Deepika Udugama.

A group of Human Rights Council officers had visited the area where the clashes had occurred and met with the residents, community leaders, police and military personnel to discuss the incident.

In the letter sent to the IGP, the Human Rights Council had requested the Acting IGP to pay greater attention to the incidents in the Wayamba Province and take appropriate action.

The HRC stated that several hours prior to the incidents the police and military had received phone calls on the emergency numbers, alleging that the security forces had failed to act upon it.

The letter sent to the Acting IGP by the HRC Chairperson is shown below.

HRCS IGP1 670px 19 05 27

HRCS IGP2 670px 19 05 27

HRCS IGP3 670px 19 05 27