May 24, 2019

Southern Expressway needs 27-yrs to cover primary loan Featured

The Southern Express-way will need almost another 27 years in order to complete its loan repayment, it has been revealed.

This was revealed during the follow up of the 131.1km stretch from Kottawa to Matara, Godagama.

The estimated cost for this stretch of road is around Rs. 96.6 billion while the earnings for 2017 was Rs. 3.56 billion.

Therefore, it is estimated that it would take roughly 27 years to pay off the loan and cover the initial costs.
Under such circumstances, it is also stated that it costs a huge amount for the annual maintenance of these highways.

In 2017 alone it had cost over 20 million for maintenance.

This cost keeps rising annually as funds also have to be allocated for the payment of wages, electricity costs, payments to the Police Department and payment of interest.

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