May 21, 2019

Corbyn says no war aid to Sri Lanka! (video) Featured

British Labour leader, and Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn MP said that a future Labour Government would use diplomatic pressure and action on trade and arms sales to push for human rights and would suspend aw aid to the security forces due to their involvement in the oppression of Tamils and anti-Muslim attacks.

The Labour Party leader made these comments participating in an interview with Gagana during the two day exhibition organised by the Tamil Information Centre (TIC) commemorating the genocide during the war. 

The Labour Leader protested against the return of those who had sought political refuge in Britain on allegations of atrocities committed against them by the security forces.

Corbyn condemned the Easter Sunday attacks and the subsequent anti-Muslim attacks, adding that Britain should intervene in ensuring unhindered access to the UN to enter the country, in order to carry out investigations over the alleged atrocities committed against the Tamils ten years ago and the current anti-Muslim attacks.

He criticised the military training and weapons training provided by Britain, adding that stringent limits need to be imposed in issuing weapons export licences.

He noted that the International Criminal Court should conduct an investigation to determine if the atrocities committed several years ago is in fact genocide against the Tamils.

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