May 21, 2019

Cyber security system from China! Featured

During President Maithripala’s tour to China, when he had met Chinese President Xi Jingping and explained the importance of a cyber-security system for Sri Lanka and the Chinese President had agreed to provide Sri Lanka with a cyber-security system, according to Presidential Media sources.

Accordingly, a Chinese technical team is expected to visit Sri Lanka shortly and discuss the matter with the Sri Lankan security and computer specialists.

Thereafter, the cyber security system is expected to be installed in Sri Lanka expeditiously.

According to Presidential Secretariat sources, the President had intended to establish a cyber-security system in the country earlier, but due to the massive cost involved in this process, the idea was suspended.

It is also reported that Sri Lanka had requested for a cyber-security system from Face Book previously.

Meanwhile, upon investigation by the Presidential Secretariat, it was learnt that a massive amount of money is been sent out of the country to companies such as Google and Face Book through internet advertising.

Such funds are tax free and the President had focussed attention on how such advertising could be taxes. It is reported that through the installation of this cyber-security system, the government would be able to tax such advertising on the internet.

Securing their own establishments

The leaders of China and India had earlier requested President Maithripala Sirisena to allow them to provide security to their projects implemented within Sri Lanka.

The Lankadeepa Newspaper reported that after the Shangri La Hotel bombing, China had made this request from Sri Lanka.

China is currently engaged in several projects within Sri Lanka including the Colombo Port City and therefore, had requested that they be allowed to provide their own security to these projects.

Meanwhile, India had requested Sri Lanka to allow India to provide their own security to their projects and establishments within Sri Lanka including the Indian Oil Company.

It is also reported that the American Embassy had taken steps to employ two experienced security force personnel who have proven their capabilities and possess an illustrious track record.