May 13, 2019

Military authorised to fire on law-breakers!

Top military brass had informed PM Ranil Wickremesinghe today (13) that although the IS backed terrorism has been completely defeated within the country, several politicians are working towards creating a racism-fueled fire in the island, similar to the bloody 83' riots.

The PM was warned during a discussion held today at the joint operation centre set up at the BMICH, Colombo.

In response, the PM had authorized the military to use maximum use under emergency regulations in order to bring the situation under control. This means that the military is authorized to open fire on any person/s engaged in any acts of violence.

Noting that certain politicians and their henchmen who are attempting to instigate the public have been identified, PM Wickremesinghe has also informed the military to take strict measures against such persons.

An islandwide curfew has also been imposed from 9.00pm - 4.00am tomorrow local time and security forces are authorized to fire on anyone who breaks curfew.

However, scenes of unrest and violence have been reported in several areas.