May 11, 2019

Students attend tuition classes but not school : security concerns a lie (video)

Despite the assurances given by the security establishments that it is safe to reopen schools on March 06th the attendance in schools has been minimal.

However, according to a senior military official, the tuition classes had bounced back to full attendance last week.

Issuing a statement the Ceylon Teachers’ Association said under the current situation although the schools had reopened, the attendance was low.

This is primarily because the parents have not been convinced that it is safe for the schools to reopen.

However, the high ranking military official said tuition classes are back to their normal operations despite not having security confirmation. The parents are scared to send their children to school mainly due to the fear being spread by the Opposition and certain media organisations which has put parents in a dilemma on sending their children to school.

He said it is not surprising as the parents have not received any response from the government. He noted that the security forces cannot take any action regarding the fear psychosis being spread by politicians for their political gain.

When the CID had taken measures to arrest SLPP –MP Piyal Nishantha over his statement on TV that 11 soldiers had been killed, due to higher political influence, they had no option but to release him.

Following are photos of school children attending tuition classes as usual.