May 07, 2019

Akila’s focus elsewhere & not on improving student attendance! Featured

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam is more focused on another matter setting aside the issue of improving student attendance, the unions charge.

He is said to be paying more attention on the commencement of training courses for the newly recruited sports instructors.

The Ceylon Teacher’s Union alleges that of the 21,000 applications received, 3,850 have already been recruited. Of them 600 are said to be candidates from the Wayamba Province which is represented by the Minister.

The Secretary of the Ceylon Teacher’s Union Joseph Stalin said it is highly suspicious that the minister is paying greater attention to recruiting sports instructors instead of giving priority to meeting the teacher shortage.

The criteria for application for sports instructors is six passes at the GCE O/L examination and at least having won third place at a district level meet.

These appointees will receive around Rs. 40,000 as wages.

Although the appointments are planned to be made at Provincial Council level, they do not have the required provisions. It is also reported that the Youth Commission recommendations in granting these appointments have also been violated.

According to the Youth Commission recommendations, if double the number of applications are received above the number to be recruited, then a test should be held.

However, several attempts made by us to contact the Education Minister for a comment in this regard, proved unsuccessful.