May 02, 2019

Organisation distributes swords to Muslim households! Featured

A suspect arrested by the police over the possession of two swords had revealed that swords are being kept in many Muslim houses in Vavuniya but it is for their own protection.

The suspect was arrested with two swords in the Vavuniya Pattanchur area on April 30th. Based on a tip-off the police had recovered the two swords concealed inside plastic tubes. However, the 37-year-old Muslim man who was arrested by the police had revealed that after the clashes in Kandy and several other areas last year a certain organisation had distributed these swords to the Muslim households for their protection.

He had revealed that he too had kept these swords for his protection, adding that many of the Muslim households in the Vavuniya area also have such swords for their protection.

The arrested suspect is scheduled to be produced before the Vavuniya Magistrate’s Court, while the Vavuniya Police is conducting further investigations regarding this matter.