May 02, 2019

Madush’s verdict today!

The Dubai Court is expected to announce its decision on whether Makandure Madush would be deported from Dubai to Sri Lanka or not today. Madush and 30 others were arrested by the Dubai Police on February 05th while they were at a party.

The group were arrested for the possession of narcotic drugs, while popular singer Amal Perera and his son Nadeemal Perera, performer Ryan Van Rooyan an d underworld criminal Kanjipani Imran were also among those arrested by the Dubai authorities. .

The Dubai authorities had conducted investigations and had deported 30 of the arrested persons so far at various stages.

Several of those who were deported and have cases against them have been handed over to the relevant courts while Kanjipani Imran is being held under detention orders and questioned by the Colombo Crimes Division.

Singer Amal Perera was deported to Sri Lanka on April 23 and after being questioned by the Airport CID unit, he was released.

However, Makandure Madush had filed an appeal against his deportation and the verdict was scheduled to be given on April 18th. But, the verdict was not given on that date and it was postponed to May 02nd.

Sri Lankan authorities had made a request at international level to hand over Madush to the local authorities as he is a wanted criminal.

However, it is reported that as there aren’t specific charges against him in Dubai and based on his appeal, there is a possibility that he may not be deported to Sri Lanka.