May 01, 2019

Swords imported under the pretext of grass cutters

The security forces have revealed that a large amount of sharp swords have been imported into the country under the pretext of importing grass cutters.

The security forces have uncovered details about the private organizations that imported these swords and police investigations have also been launched in this connection.

Investigations have commenced to uncover details about intention of the importation of sharp swords while misleading the Sri Lankan Customs, security sources said.

Speaking at a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday, Minister of Muslim Religious Affairs M. H. A Haleem said that these may have been brought to clear scrubs near the mosques.

Speaking further,

"It is reported that some mosques had swords. I thinik they could brought these stuffs to clear scrubs near the mosques and their cemeteries. We do not intervene into such acts.” he said.

He also said that the National Tawheed Jammat that carried out the Easter Day attack was not registered with the Muslim Religious Affairs Department.