Apr 30, 2019

An Athulathmudali needed for National Security Featured

Lawyer Ravi Jayewardene of the National Movement for Just Society says it will ask the government to appoint a minister for national security.

He made this statement addressing a press conference held in Colombo today.

He said that his organization had prepared eight point proposal and decided to present them to the President and the Prime Minister in the future and appointing a minister of national security is one of major points.

He emphasized that during the office of the President J.R. Jayewardene, both national security and law and order subjects were entrusted to Athulathmudali and a person in the caliber of him is essential for the current context.

Muslim extremism cannot be defeated by 'white vans'!

Muslim extremism cannot end by white vans, he said. He added that it is difficult to defeat Islamic extremism just like defeating LTTE terrorists.

Ravi Jayewardene also noted that though LTTE terrorism was grown in Sri Lanka, Muslim extremism was not born in the island nation.