Apr 29, 2019

Security Situation: Saharan dead ; 154 arrested Featured

The tri forces and the Police and STF together have conducted operations to arrest those responsible for the Easter Sunday bombings targeting churches and hotels killing over 200 people.

During the operations the security personnel had succeeded in arresting 154 members of the radical Thowheed Jama'th Organisation, which is behind the bombings.

By interrogating these suspects the security forces, Police and STF members have managed to unravel around 60% of the organisation’s activities, reports say.

Security forces confirmed yesterday (28) that the man believed to be the leader of the Thowheed Jama'th organisation - Mohommed Saharan had been killed in one of the blasts at the Shangri La Hotel.

Security forces have so far identified 08 members who carried out the suicide bomb attacks on Easter Sunday.

Several individuals listed as extremists by the State Intelligence Service (SIS) and India's RAW intelligence are among the arrested suspects.

Two brothers from Mawanella, namely Mohommad Sadik Abdulhaq and Mojomad Iuhaim Shahid Abdulhaq were included in this list, were found while hiding in a building along the Gampola - Nuwaraeliya road. One of their friends named Irfan was also arrested in Nawalapitiya. It is learnt that all three were preparing for suicide attacks. They have been handed over to the CID for further interrogations.

Meanwhile, Mohommad Milhan and Mohommad Mohideen alias Army Mohideen, who are also listed as extremists by intelligence units are currently detained by the CID.

Speaking, a highly ranking officer confidently said that security forces have disabled the majority of these extremists' network, adding that those who have aided and abetted these attacks as well as those who had links with them would be nabbed as well.

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