Apr 25, 2019

Defence Secy. post : Claims about Daya Ratnayake false! Featured

Although there were reports that former Army Commander General Daya Ratnayake has been appointed as the new Defence Secretary, the Presidential Secretariat sources confirmed to Sri Lanka Mirror that these reports are incorrect.

He said although General Daya Ratnayake’s and former IGP N.K. Illangakoon’s names had been proposed, no final decision has been made regarding the new appointment.

When ‘Neth News’ had contacted General Daya Ratnayake regarding this matter, he had said that no one had notified him of such a move.

Meanwhile, the current Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando had met the President last afternoon, it is reported.
He had told the President at this meeting that if the President believes that there had been a mistake made on his part, he was ready to accept even a part of the blame.

Hemasiri Fernando had notified the President that if there was a plan to remove him from the post of Defence Secretary and appoint a suitable person, he was willing to step down.

President’s 24 hours ends:

Addressing the nation on April 23, President Maithripala Sirisena said he would make changes in the security establishments within 24 hours.

However, despite the 24 hours being completed since the President’s address to the nation, no changes have been made so far.

Although the President had notified the Defence Secretary and the IGP yesterday to resign from their posts, so far neither of them have tendered their resignations.

Despite the President having notified the IGP to resign from his post on two occasions, it does not seem like he has any intention of resigning yet.
It is reported that the Prime Minister had also notified the IGP Pujith Jayasundara to resign from his post.