Apr 14, 2019

Korea Telecom got a LED street lamp contract

Korea Telecom has won a Sri Lankan government deal to replace conventional street lights with a network of LED lamps in main cities like Colombo that is also planned to be used for public Wi-Fi and video security surveillance.
Minister of Internal & Home Affairs and Provincial Councils & Local Government Wajira Abeywardena had proposed the project which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers this week, the state information office said in a statement. 
Korea Telecom, now known as KT Corporation, South Korea's largest telephone company, had put forward the proposal to replace conventional street lights with smart, controlled LED street lights, it said.
An officials' committee had been appointed by the Cabinet to examine the proposal and submit its recommendations. 
Among the ‘benefits’ the ‘officials' committee’ sees in the project is that it enables the government “to install a CCTV (closed circuit television) system to regulate the security and waste management in main cities including Colombo.”
Another benefit is that the network can also be used to provide Wi-Fi access to the public, the statement said.