Apr 13, 2019

Drug offender to the gallows prior to May Day! Featured

The President has taken a decision to implement the death sentence before May Day, it is reported.

Accordingly, four drug racketeers who have been given the death sentence by the courts would be sent to the gallows first.

It is reported that the death sentence would come into effect within the first few weeks after the New Year.

Meanwhile the 30 persons selected for the final round to fill the post of hangmen would be subjected to medical tests and two among them would be selected to fill the vacant posts of hangmen within the next two weeks.

They would be subjected to a mental evaluation to determine the suitability of their mental state to function in such a position.

Although 79 persons had applied for the position only 32 had been present at the interview. Among them was a graduate.

443 ready to be sent to the gallows

According to Prison Headquarters sources, 433 prisoners have been given the death sentence.

Among them there are 23 who are on death row over drug charges.

There are 1,226 prisoners on death row currently and of them 793 have appealed their sentences.