Apr 13, 2019

Increased possibility of stroke due to heat! Featured

Medical experts warn that when temperatures are over 32 degrees centigrade there is an increased possibility of suffering a stroke.

Therefore, those participating in New Year celebrations are adviced to be cautious.

Meanwhile the Met Department warned that most parts of North-central and Northwestern provinces and Hambantota, Monaragala, Trincomalee, Gampaha, Mannar, Vavuniya and Mullaitivu districts could experience temperatures of between 32 to 40 degrees.

They warned that when exposed to temperatures between 27 to 32 degrees for a long time, it could cause fatigue.

Further, due to prolonged outdoor exposure, people could suffer dehydration and cramps as the body tends to lose minerals.

Therefore, doctors warn those taking part in New Year games such as cycling and cross country marathons to be extra cautious. Those engaged in outdoor activities are adviced to drink adequate water and stay in the shade as far as possible.

They also warn parents and adults not to leave small children in cars unattended and to avoid tiresome activities. The elderly and sick should be especially attended to during this period.

The Met Department said this heat could be minimised by wearing light coloured and light cotton material clothing. According to the Met Department Deputy Director Meryl Mendis, the heat is most severe during the months of March and April.

However, he said that this year it is far hotter than usual and usually by the first week of April the inter monsoon rains set in. But, this year the rains have been delayed and the sun is positioned directly above Sri Lanka between 05th and 15th of April.

For more information about the hot weather contact 011-7446491.