Apr 12, 2019

CoPA reveals that meat, dairy products not up to standard Featured

It has been revealed by the Committee on Public Accounts (CoPA) that the meat and dairy products found in the market is not up to standard.

The fact that Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLS) certification for these products is no compulsory, has led to its poor quality. 

Through a sub-committee on food, the process of regulating meat, meat based products, milk and milk based products. 

CoPA has informed the Health Ministry that they have formulated draft regulations regarding food labelling, preservatives, bottled water, food additives etc and forwarded it to the Government Legal Draftsman.

The CoPA has decided to instruct the Legal Draftsman to give priority to this matter. 

Especially during the festive season, many meat, meat based products, milk and milk based products are being sold in the market under various brands and SLS certifications. 

The certifications for some of these products is a business, it is reported.

When contacted in this regard, the Deputy Director of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution A. Attanayake said it was not compulsory to obtain SLS certification for these products.

“If a producer asks for the standard to be checked, we can do it and issue a certificate. Thereafter we do a follow-up of such checked products,” the Director further noted.