Apr 12, 2019

Welikada operation in search of weapons: Kanjipani Imran revelations on weapons racket Featured

A search operation is said to be in force at the Welikada Prison in search of weapons based on information that several death row prisoners over drug racketeering charges are planning to break out of jail.

According to a senior intelligence officer, it is believed that there is a baby browning pistol and two modern weapons fitted with silencers, among the weapons believed to be hidden within the prison.

He said, based on information received that the pistol and other weapons had been smuggled into the Welikada prison premises, the intelligence units have been engaged in a thorough search operation of the Welikada Prison premises.

Information had been received that two modern weapons with fitted silencers has been hidden in the prison playground located behind the prison rear gate in Wanathamulla.

Iran weapons racket 

During interrogation of underworld leader Kanjipani Imran held in a holding cell at the Colombo Harbour under tight security, he had revealed details of a racket where modern weapons are being smuggled into the country by Iranian trawlers amidst the drug racket.

Kanjipani Imran had revealed that when an Iranian vessel carrying drugs had been caught earlier and in the recent detection of an Iranian vessel too, the weapons on board had been dumped into the sea.

Cyanide recovered from prison

Meanwhile, on Monday Night (08), two vials of Cyanide was found during a joint operation by the intelligence units, which is believed to have been brought into prison for an operation to free drug kingpins such as Wele Suda, Kudu Siam and several other top notch drug racketeers.

It has been revealed that prior to the implementation of the death sentence, these criminals had hatched a plan to inject prison officials with cyanide and escape from prison.  

Investigations have also revealed that there had been a plot to use the modern weapons smuggled into prison for this escape plot and their intention was to use the prisoners who have undergone commando and STF training to operate these weapons.

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