Mar 22, 2019

Artificial rains to Maussakele (photos)

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has initiated the pilot project to create artificial rains over the Maussakele reservoir today (22).

Using an Y12 Sri Lanka Air Force plane, the chemical that induces rains was sprayed at 8000 feet above clouds over the Maussakele reservoir.

According to a senior Air Force official, the aircraft which had left the Katunayake Air Base this morning, had released the chemical over the clouds at 8000 feet above the Maussakele reservoir for around 45 minutes.

In response to a request made by the CEB, a team of special engineers from Thailand had arrived in the country to carry out this project.

The CEB said that the artificial rain project was implemented successfully in the Castlereigh and Maussakele catchment area in 1980.

The clouds over the Maussakele reservoir in the region of the Sri Pada mountain had turned gloomy after the chemical was sprayed which was caught on camera.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksha- Hatton Corr.