Mar 21, 2019

UNP politician shot himself, police suspects

Police suspect that the opposition leader of the Beliaththa Pradeshiya Sabha Kapila Amarakoon who is being treated at the Karapitiya hospital had shot himself.

The Opposition Leader of the PS has been shot in his thigh area and has been admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital for a surgery. Hospital sources say there is no harm to his life.

He was shot in the bedroom at his residence at the Pallaththara area, Beliaththa. Police had found a 12 Bore gun and 4 bullets under his mattress.

At around 7.30am yesterday, the gunshot had occurred and his parents and two children had been there at that time. The police say that the shooting by an outsider is not possible due to nature of his surrounding environment and the way shooting had taken place. The firearms are to be sent to the Government Analyst and take a further analysis on it.

Kapila, who bagged second highest number of preferential votes from the UNP, is separated from his wife. A complainant had been complained to the police about a family dispute in connection with him. Police say that an 18 year old girl was also staying at the house.

Amarakoon had maintained illegal firearm in his house and that he had walked around after being shot.

Tangalle Police are conducting further investigations.