Mar 20, 2019

Protests against Swarnavahini administration

Employees of Swarnavahini are protesting against the administration of the organization blocking the entrance to the premises.

The employees of Swarnavahini had taken steps to form a trade union yesterday (18) and 15 employees who had started the union have been suspended, a spokesman from the company said.

About 270 out 300 employees of Swarnavahini had taken the membership of the trade union. The spokesman further said that the chairman, the secretary and the office bearers of the union were among those who were interdicted.

The interdicted employees had lodged a complaint with the police and had joined a discussion with the Labor Commission's office.

However, they are engaged in this protest demanding the re-recruitment of those who have been removed.

Meanwhile, it is reported that live broadcasts of Swarnavahini have also been stopped. It has been reported that the previously recorded programs are being telecast.

It was reported that news anchors are also among the employees who were interdicted, in addition to, two employees of the Production Division.