Mar 03, 2019

Protest on mega allowances given to the AG Department! Featured

It is reported that a fuel allowance of Rs. 100,000, a vehicle allowance of Rs. 100,000 and a drivers’ allowance of Rs. 25,000 are being given to a group officers of the Attorney General's Department in breach of the National Salary Policy.

The Islandwide Executive Officers' Association has said in special discussion with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that a grave injustice is caused to the similar grades in the government service by providing special allowances to a certain group.

The Secretary of the GMOA said the Prime Minister also admitted that giving special allowances for a single section of the government service cannot be justifiable.

During the discussion between the Prime Minister and the Executive Officers’ Association it was pointed out that some officials who receive the drivers’ allowance keep for themselves.

The Prime Minister accepted the injustice being caused and salary anomalies in different services.