Jan 07, 2017

Firm decisions expected by President soon Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena has informed all SLFP seniors that it was compulsory to obtain parliamentary approval for all agreements signed that bears national significance.

The President made this comment at a meeting of all senior SLFP members held at party Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera’s residence.

He said it was contradictory to the Good Governance traditions to enter into such agreements without the approval of the Cabinet.

The President said this in response to questions being raised by SLFP ministers on the proposed acquisition of 15,000 acres of lands by the Chinese for the proposed industrial zone.

The President said he had not seen any agreement signed with relation to the Hambantota issue and added that in such instances approval should have been obtained by him, the cabinet and parliament. He added that for such a venture it was vital to obtain the recommendations of the Attorney General as well.

He said acting in contradiction to such traditions could be detrimental to the country and said he does not endorse such agreements that are entered into sans proper approval procedures.

President Sirisena also warned that very soon he would take several stern decisions regarding the government actions.