Feb 25, 2019

CID question Sampath Bank heads over mass fraud! Featured

The CID had questioned several of the heads of Sampath Bank at length over the massive scale fraud on depositors accounts.

The statements had been recorded by a team of CID officers headed by the Investigations Division Officer in Charge Chief Inspector I.D.S. Weerasinghe.

The massive fraud had involved millions of funds belonging to depositors, without their knowledge and the CID had recorded statements from Senior Manager (Loans) J.A.I. Jinadasa, Operations Manager J.P.C.L. Ariyawansa and Manager Internal Audit W.A.D.L. Gunatillake.

The recorded statements of these bank heads had already been handed over to the courts, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

According to the CID several more statements are to be recorded from officials within the bank and several arrests are also to be made within the next few days.

The Sampath Bank fraud had come to light as a result of a complaint made by world renowned Ayurvedha doctor Kelum Weerasinghe and subsequent CID investigations had revealed many details regarding this fraud.


Sri Lanka Mirror is in the possession of a controversial recording on how the Sampath Bank high ranking officials had planned this massive scam and we hope to publish its details by tomorrow (26).