Feb 25, 2019

New island in Castlereagh reservoir

A new island has emerged in the Castlereagh Reservoir, which supplies water to hydroelectricity generation system that feeds the national electricity grid.

With the severe drought prevailing in the catchment areas of the Castlereagh reservoir, this island has emerged as the water level of the reservoir has gone down drastically.

On 15th October last year, five houses in the Newweli Gama were collapsed to the reservoir , and the remnants of the houses and soil have been deposited as an islet.

According to a survey carried out by the officials of the National Building Research Organization, the landslide occurred on the 15th of October has resulted a long amount of soil being slipped into the Castlereagh Reservoir.

Due to the lower water level of the Castlere reservoir, it is possible to travel in between Nilaweligama and Maskeliya across the reservoir.

The Ceylon Electricity Board had identified that the location which had already emerged as an island used to be a very deep pit.

Due to the landslides, a huge environmental damage has been caused.

Pics - Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton