Feb 25, 2019

Imported New Zealand milk powder issue to the UN Featured

The foundation for the protection of people’s rights had handed over a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Antonio Gutierrez requesting him to intervene in investigating consumer complaints alleging that pork fat and palm oil is added into milk power imported from New Zealand.

In the letter they have urged the Human Rights Commissioner to establish a testing laboratory with international grading in Sri Lanka.

They have stated that this would ensure national security, people’s welfare and ensure that it is controlled without corruption.

It is highlighted in the letter that milk powder imports constitute 6.68% of all goods imported to the country.

Fonterra, Maliban, Diamond

The majority of imported milk is handled by Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka, Maliban Milk Products and Diamond Milk Products.

Where are the milk powder inspection reports?

The foundation for the protection of people’s rights had also written to the Director general of the Industrial Technology Institute stating that they had failed to issue a definitive report with regard to the issue regarding the imported milk powder.

They had asked that a full report regarding the investigation conducted into the imported milk powder issue and its report be released and made public.

The foundation had also requested for a report of the investigations carried out under the 2016 No. 12 Right to Information Act.