Jan 06, 2017

‘Not an inch of land to Chinese companies’ - president Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena says certain ministers of his government keep on making incorrect claims that 15,000 acres from the southern province will be handed over for Chinese projects.

Speaking at a function in Kandy, he said he summoned officials yesterday (05) and inquired from them, but they could not find anywhere an agreement or a document for a land handover as claimed.

The president stressed that foreign investments and industries were needed for the country, but that no country would be given ownership of land in Sri Lanka.

The government does not have a policy to ‘bulldoze temples’ or evict villages to find land for industries, he went onto say.

Protests are taking place in Hambantota for several weeks now against alleged attempts to lease out land to Chinese companies.

Commenting on the status of the country’s economy, he said the so-called development in the past had been achieved on a Rs. 9,000,000 million debt burden.

The government can become popular by borrowing money and showing development, but it will not go for a programme to increase the debt burden of the country, he added.