Jan 06, 2017

‘CTFRM report makes govt. to take positive steps’ (video)

The government action with regard to the CTFRM report remains unclear, but the report will make the government to take positive steps to ensure justice for victims of the war, says member of the task force Gamini Viyangoda.

Speaking to the media yesterday (05) at the Government Information Department, he said the releasing of the report was a deal carried out simultaneously by the CTFRM with both the government and the public.

Therefore, the report will be a productive one, Viyangoda said, urging the media to build a a dialogue in that regard.

Various politically-motivated petty ideas are being made about the report, and certain groups will feed the country with negative ideas, he warned.

Chairperson of the task force Manouri Muttettuwegama and other members were also present.

Not a spontaneous idea

Later, speaking to Ceylon Journals, Viyangoda said the CTFRM believed foreign judges should be involved in a process to hear war crime allegations.

It is not a spontaneous idea, but one that had been nurtured by the suggestions made by the public during its deliberations across the country, he said.

Responding to cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne’s remark that local judges only would be involved in the judicial mechanism, he said the public knew the motives of the minister’s remarks.

There is adequate evidence that point to such a need, the most recent one being the ruling on the MP Nadaraja Raviraj muder case, said Viyangoda.

He went onto say that the CTFRM knew that both the president and the government would not agree to the suggestion for international judges.

Viyangoda said he did not see anything to be concerned about in the absence of the president and the prime minister at the handover of the report.

He added that the CTFRM would strive to promote and ensure implementation of its recommendations, radiogagana.com reports.

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