Jan 06, 2017

No foreign judges to resolve internal affairs – justice minister Featured

Justice minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe says foreign judges will not be needed, and are not welcome, to resolve internal affairs of the country.

He made the remark when ‘Divaina’ made inquiries from him with regard to the report released three days ago by the Consultations Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms (CTFRM).

The CTFRM has recommended that at least one international judge should be included in the process to investigate war crime and other human rights violation accusations.

Rajapakshe said in response that he was yet to study the report, but maintained the government was of the firm stand that it would not accept foreign judges.

The constitution does not have provisions to allow foreign judges and we cannot demean our judiciary, as we have judges of our own who can be compared to any other foreign judge, he went onto say.

OHCHR’s unchanged position

The UN high commissioner on human rights has ‘an unchanged position’…as he ‘has always urged the creation of a hybrid court in Sri Lanka’, his office has said.

The OHCHR tweeted this in response to a remark by minister Rajitha Senaratne that no foreign judge would be sitting in a panel to investigate war crime and human rights violation accusations.

Former President Chandrika has said that neither the President nor the Prime Minister had intervened in the recommendations of the final report of the CTFRM.

Therefore, the government won’t be responsible for its contents, she said at the event earlier this week to receive the report.

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