Feb 13, 2019

Udul - Madush were cell mates in jail! Featured

Notorious underworld figure - 'Makandure Madush' and Human Rights lawyer and former IUSF convener- Udul Premaratne, were once cell mates in jail, it is revealed.

They had been cellmates during Udul's days at the Inter University Student Federation (IUSF).

Udul himself has revealed this himself in a Facebook post.

In his post Udul says that although he had known Madush for far longer than singer Amal Perera as they shared a cell 09 years back, he doesn't believe that a criminal of this calibre should be exonerated using law points and he wouldn't do this himself although he actually could have.

Udul is currently in Dubai to speak on behalf of father-son duo - Amal Perera and Nadimal Perera, who were arrested alongside Madush recently.

“The Public Prosecutor informed me that Nadeemal Perera’s blood tests confirmed he had not consumed drugs. However, I was told it is not possible to bail Nadeemal or anyone else purely on this report as they are all detained under one case file,” he said. “

Premaratne said that he had told the Public Prosecutor that his clients were in Dubai merely for a performance and had no links to underworld criminal gangs and requested their cases not be linked to that of Makandure Madush.

He further said that he has not been given an opportunity to speak to Amal or Nadeemal and would only be able to do so on Sundays, when police permits visitors.