Jan 05, 2017

OHCHR responds to Rajitha’s remark on hybrid court Featured

The UN high commissioner on human rights has ‘an unchanged position’…as he ‘has always urged the creation of a hybrid court in Sri Lanka’, says his office.

The OHCHR tweeted this in response to a remark by minister Rajitha Senaratne that no foreign judge would be sitting in a panel to investigate war crime and human rights violation accusations.

Even the UN has agreed to a judicial process involving local judges only, he told the media.

He insisted that only local judges would be sitting, while foreign representatives could provide technical knowledge and legal advice.

In the meantime, former president Chandrika Kumaratunga has said that neither the president nor the prime minister had intervened in the recommendations of the final report of the Consultations Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms (CTFRM).

The former President was speaking during the event earlier this week where the final report was presented to her.

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