Feb 11, 2019

Transaction to sell EAP to Lycamobile illegal, says Wimal Featured

The government and Central Bank have set the stage for EAP group to be sold to a foreign company which faces money laundering allegations, instead of enabling a local businessman to get it, charged National Freedom Front MP Wimal Weerawansa.

Addressing a media briefing held at the party headquarters yesterday (10), Weerawansa warned that this deal would be investigated broadly under a future government and that the current Central Bank Governor would have to face such an investigation. 

Weerawansa further said, “All companies under the EAP Group were given to Subhashkaran Alirajah, from the Lycamobile company and its owners company for a very low bid, with the blessings of the government and the Central Bank Governor. 
St the start the deal was estimated at $ 55 million and a local investor had offered to pay more, but instead several other properties were also included in the deal and given to Lycamobile for $ 60 million. Then the local investor had offered $ 61 million, but they then added a few more assets and priced it at $ 75 million making it harder for the local investor to get it. 
To a company owned by Subhashkaran Alirajah

Thereafter, the government and the Central Bank Governor planned the deal carefully enabling Subhashkaran Alirajah’s company to pay for the purchase in instalments and handed over all the companies under EAP. 
At the star, instead of mentioning the owner a Singaporean company named ‘Blue Summit Management Capital’ had come forward. After the Central Bank Governor’s approval was obtained, all of the shares of this company was sold to a company named ‘Pivigo’. 
It has been reported that the brother of a powerful politician from the current government and several other high ranking officials of the Central Bank were involved in this Central Bank conspiracy.

After this corrupt deal, they have acquired shares in EAP as 40% from Swarnavahini, 100% of Swarnamahal and 100% of EAP Cinemas.

The ownership of this company is with Alirajah and his wife. The earlier company that bid for the deal first, later gets owned by Alirajah who has allegations of dealing with terrorist money and money laundering, against him. 

 ‘Central Bank Governor cannot escape’

The Central Bank Governor should take responsibility for this entire transaction. The balance payments should be made by the 14th of this month. This company got extensions for the payment of this money, but that date too ends on February 14th. 

We are watching to see if the Central Bank Governor allows them more time. It is evident that the Central Bank Governor and the government are quite aware of this corrupt deal. 

By the 27th of this month, it would be 04 years since the great Central Bank theft. The Central Bank Governor cannot escape from taking responsibility for allowing a person like Alirajah who is charged with money laundering to have acquired local businesses. He will definitely have to face investigations into this matter under a future government.”