Feb 10, 2019

An impeachment against President Featured

The JVP politburo member K.D. Lalkantha has told 'Lankadeepa' that the President should be unseated by a parliamentary impeachment.

Lal Kantha has said that the President is ruling the country violating the constitution and it is confirmed by his misuse of provisions of the Constitution, itself. Lal Kantha made the comments giving an interview to Sanduda Hamuwa of Lankadeepa. 

He adds that the President should be removed from the position to establish the rule of law in the country and that the Parliament should field an impeachment motion against him.

Lal Kantha said that the President should have resigned from his position on the same day when the Supreme Court concluded that he had violated the Constitution for the first time by issuing the gazette notification to dissolve the Parliament.

Lal Kantha has further stated that Sri Lanka has become a country that has completely violated democratic principles and the President has become a representative of the phenomenon.

No minority party support:

However, Tamil and Muslim parties have already decided not to extend any support to an impeachment against the President.

Tamil and Muslim parties who played a pivotal role to reinstate Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister in reversing the political chaos burst on October 26,  have pledged that they will not give any support to an impeachment against the President.