Feb 10, 2019

President intervenes to send jammers to Mali 

President Maithripala Sirisena has ordered to purchase jammer machines from Pakistan and send them immediately to Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Mali, ending a tug-of-war in the Ministry of Defense; due to lack of jammers, peacekeeping operations have been life-threatening to the Sri Lankan peacekeepers.

Capt. Dinesh Jayawickrama and Corporal Samantha Wijekumara were killed and four others sustained injuries in a remote claymore mine attack on their military convoy in the Duwensa Desert on the 25th of January.

It was revealed that tender process had been completed to buy jammers to confuse remote claymore attacks by terrorists in Mali targeting Sri Lanka peacekeepers, the purchase has not been materialized due to inefficiency of some officials attached to the Ministry of Defense. 

We were able to break the story on the safety of around 200 soldiers in Mali that was in danger.

It has been reported that measures have been taken to dispatch eight jammer machines from Pakistan to Mali with immediate effect to beef up security of Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Mali.

It was reported that arrangements had been made to send them to the Sri Lankan troops in Mali on Friday (08).

Remote controllers, for example, used for mobile phones and vehicle doors,  are being used by the  terrorists in Mali to carry out  claymore attacks on troops; peacekeepers from other countries have been using jammers to hinder remote controllers .

The Sri Lankan soldiers spent one and half years in Mali in a life threatening situation due to lack of proper equipment and one time they narrowly escaped from a 38 Kg claymore attack as they were travelling  in a WMZ vehicle.

Major General Ruwan Kulathunga and Brigadier Prathap Thilekaratne have been dispatched to Mali by Army Commander, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, to restore positive mindset of the soldiers to resume the military operations yesterday (09) as military convoys have come to a standstill since the 25th of last month.

Sri Lanka Mirror was the first to reveal about delay in the Ministry of Defense under the headline " Defence Ministry in tug-of-war: Mali peacekeepers in danger".

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