Feb 09, 2019

STF operation in search of Madush’s men

The Special Task Force is said to have identified several persons operating Makandure Madush’s drug ring in Sri Lanka and a special operation is underway to arrest these persons, according to STF sources.

This special operation includes intelligence officers and several other crime divisions and by last Friday six persons involved in this racket had been arrested. Among those arrested was Madush’s main disciple Sokowatte Suresh and two others who were in the possession of 20 ‘Ice’ narcotic tablets.

Further, the police had also found 32 T56 live bullets, 11 shells, 37 empty shells, nine military uniforms, three camouflage kits, two military caps and several other items from the house in Gandara, Matara belonging to another disciple of Madush named Avishka Kavishan alias ‘Ganja’.

Prison officers at Dubai function exposed!

Meanwhile, the three prison officers who had been at Madush’s party in Dubai have been exposed, according to prison sources.

Among them were Kalutara prison officers Lalith Kumara, Rukshan and Sanjeewa.

Among them one had attended the function using clutches and said to be Lalith Kumara, a resident of Kamburupitiya, suspected of having provided information from the Kalutara Prison to Madush and group.

Further, information is being revealed that he may have been the one who had provided information in the killing of Samayang on February 27, 2017.