Feb 06, 2019

War criminals should be punished - Mahinda (video) Featured

Ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa admitted for the first time that the security forces committed crimes during the war and said that those responsible should be brought before courts and punished, according to radiogagana.com.

Speaking to Tamil journalists, Rajapaksa said both the security forces and the LTTE were responsible for such crimes.

He especially made mention of gang rapes of women.

If a girl was taken from a house and raped, that is unrelated to the war, and such things actually happened and there should be punishment for the culprits, said Rajapaksa.

However, there should be no policy of pardoning one side and punishing the other, he insisted.

Avoids giving direct answer

He avoided directly answering a question about his opposition to a new constitution even as it will guarantee the country’s unitary status and the place of prominence for Buddhism.

He only said a minority government had no legitimacy to bring in a new constitution.

Rajapaksa charged the TNA was trying to win over Tamil voters by claiming that a new constitution would be introduced.

The national question remains unsolved as the TNA believes it could achieve its demands under a regime by Ranil Wickremesinghe, he said, adding that he would give a solution if he gains power even without the support of the Tamil party.