Feb 04, 2019

Pettah wholesale shops to be closed?

The Wholesale and Essential Goods Importers Association has taken a decision to close all wholesale essential goods shops in Pettah tomorrow.

According to its Secretary G.S. Elamanathan, due to the Customs unions work to rule campaign they have had to endure great losses in the importation of goods.

The work to rule campaign launched by the Sri Lanka Customs Unions is currently at its 6th day.

The Treasurer of the Customs Officers’ Association Geethanjana Madapatha, due to the union action the customs clearance activities have dropped by around 90%.

The customs unions launched their strike action on January 30th demanding that the ousted Customs Director General Mrs. P.M.S. Charles be reinstated. Geethanjana noted that if their demand is not met, the customs officers would engage in serious strike action.

In the event the officials fail to resolve this issue by 4.00 pm tomorrow, the  All Ceylon Container Owners Association too would join the strike action, said its President Sanath Manjula.