Feb 04, 2019

Service extension for Latiff

Sri Lanka Police Special Task Force Commanding Officer M.R. Latiff who was scheduled to retire tomorrow (05), has been awarded a service extension of one year by the President, according to Presidential Secretariat sources. 

This extension was given taking into consideration his commitment in nabbing several drug kingpins during the past several months.

M.R. Latiff has served in the police force for 41 years, while serving as the Commanding Officer of the STF during the past two years.

During the recent past, Senior DIG M.R. Latiff had taken the leadership in the drive to arrest the drug scourge and organised crimes in the country.
Under his leadership, during the past 06 months alone 798 kg of heroin was seized, including the largest haul of heroin detected in the country from Dehiwela and the rest heroin bust in Colpetty.

The haul of 231kg of heroin was also taken into custody and the suspects were arrested under the directives of Senior DIG Latiff.