Feb 02, 2019

Customs crisis: 'Govt. defies President’s views' -Opp. leader Featured

Due to the arbitrary and short-sighted actions of the current government, the Customs Department, which earns a huge income for the country, is in disarray. Further the stubborn actions of the government disregarding the views of even the President, leads to serious concern and suspicion, said Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The Opposition Leader made this comment in a statement issued by him. Rajapaksa further noted, “There have been reports of serious fraud and corruption having taken place within the Customs Department and certain Customs officers have said that there are several powerful politicians behind these irregularities.

It is also reported that the Customs Department high ranking officials who are against these irregularities are being targeted and they come under numerous political pressure.
It is evident as to how serious the issue is, by the removal of four Customs Director Generals over the past four years.

Loads of illegal drugs enter the country:

On several occasions, the Customs officers had blocked the avenues of the illegal drugs entering the country.

The main reason for the current customs union action is the removal of the current Customs Director General and putting her into the State Administration pool, when she had been carrying our her duties exemplarily.
Due to the work to rule action taken by the customs officers the clearing of goods imported to the country has been delayed. Due to this reason the prise of essential goods could also go up.

If such a situation arises, the government should take on all responsibility. Ever since the day this government was appointed, it is a known fact that they have been taking decisions that are detrimental to the country and its people.

Such vital institutions should be managed efficiently and I hope the government would discuss the matter with the Customs unions and resolve this issue immediately.”