Jan 31, 2019

Security Forces release a further 7194 acres (pics)

The Wanni Security Force Headquarters which was so far occupying 7194.86 acres of civilian lands, have handed it over to civilians.

Under the directives of the President, the Wanni Security Force Headquarters Commander Major General Kumudu Perera, 16 acres of land in the Mannar District was handed over to the Manna District Secretary C.A. Mohanraj on January 29.

The Wanni SFHQ stated that from 2009 they have released a total of 7194.86 acres which were under them including 839.73 acres in the Mannar District, 50.51 acres of civilian lands, 6218.74 acres of state land and 85.88 acres of private lands in the Vavuniya District.

The Wanni SFHQ said except for lands where main camps are located they have released all other lands held under their control.

The releasing of lands held by the Security Forces in the Northern Province through the mediation of the Northern Province Governor.

Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya- Vavuniya Corr.