Jan 30, 2019

Problems at the Badulla mediation board (photos)

A huge crisis has arisen due to the unavailability of proper space for the Badulla Mediation Board to conduct its duties.

This mediation board meets every Sunday of the week and they resolve people’s issues and financial institution issues.

According to a spokesman of the Badulla Mediation Board, they have been carrying out their responsibilities for years without a permanent place. So far, they have been meeting at the Badulla Lumbini Vidyalaya, but last Sunday the gate to the school had been padlocked and they were unable to have their meeting. Due to this predicament, the mediation board officials, financial institution officials and the general public have been greatly inconvenienced.

Therefore, the public requests the relevant authorities to provide them with a permanent solution to resolve this issue.

Pics by Jayalath Dissanayake- Badulla Corr.

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