Jan 28, 2019

Devon falls polluted by farm waste (pics)

Animal excrement from a farm in Kotagala is being directly channeled into the Devon stream which carries the water from Kotagala to the Devon falls, creating a huge environmental disaster and polluting the water, the residents charged.

The distance from Hatton, Kotagala to the Devon falls is around three kilometers and the farms in the area dump the animal waste directly into the stream feeding the Devon Falls.

Due to the prevailing dry weather, the water level in the stream has reduced and with the animal excrement being discharged into the stream the water has turned black and an unbearable stench has enveloped the area, according to the residents.

Many local and foreign tourists bathe in the stream and the Devon Falls, but due to the pollution in the stream it is no longer safe to bathe in this stream.

When contacted, the Kotagala PHI Soundhar Raghavan said these farms should adopt a more environmentally safer method of discharging the animal excrement and it should not be directly discharged into the waterways.

Therefore, he said an immediate investigation would be launched and action would be taken to prevent further environmental damage.

(Pics : Ranjith Rajapaksha- Hatton Corr.)