Jan 19, 2019

Microorganism tests to curb 'Sena' infestation Featured

The Crop Research & Development Institute has commenced research on the use of microorganisms for the control of the Fall Army Worm or "Sena Caterpillar" infestation which is destroying the local crops in many areas.

Accordingly, they plan on propagating the microorganisms that would destroy the fall army worms and releasing them to the affected areas.

The most severe damage has been caused to maize and paddy crops.

Due to the fall army worm infestation, the maize and paddy farmers are facing great difficulty.

According to the chief Entomologist of the Crop Research & Development Institute S.S. Weligamage, several measures have been taken so far to control the fall army worm infestation.

He said, “It’s been around 3-4 months since the fall army worm was discovered in Sri Lanka and it mainly affects grass crops such as corn and paddy. However, this caterpillar could affect around another 100 crop varieties. This caterpillar hides itself and attacks the crop destroying it. We need to utilise every possible strategy to destroy this destructive fall army infestation.”