Jan 18, 2019

Navy admits running ‘correction centre’ at Welisara camp Featured

The Navy says it is running a ‘correction centre’ at its Gemunu Camp at Welisara in accordance with provisions in the Navy Act.

Navy spokesman Lt. Commander Isuru Suriyabandara is responding to an article BBC Sinhala Service has carried on January 08.

According to him, the centre is presently housing around 70 persons who have violated conditions of the Navy.

On January 10, other media reported that defence secretary Hemasiri Fernando has called a report from the Navy commander regarding this correction facility.

Fernando said he was awaiting the report and will take the next course of action appropriately.

Responding to a claim by a person who has made a posting in the BBC Sinhala Service facebook page, the Navy spokesman said the centre was providing required facilities for its inmates.

Another fb posting calls for a change in the top officials running the centre.

Delay in legal process

A Navy deserter, Sampath Pradeep, said he accepted punishment, but that he would not approve of his being sent to Welikada Prison for five months.

Another person who had left a Navy engineering course halfway, said he was arrested while being an executive level employee in the private sector and was imprisoned.

eng Criticism over article’s publicationThere has also been criticism in fb over the publication of the said article.

Parents of an inmate said they had been ordered to pay Rs. 1,322,000 for having deserted a Navy engineering course.

They had to mortgage their house to find the money, but they have not yet been able to get their son released.seneviLt. Commander Isuru Suriyabandara & lawyer Achala Seneviratne

Lawyer Achala Seneviratne says there are several institutions to which complaints could be made with regard to any rights violation had taken place through this correction facility.