Jan 18, 2019

Minister made Film Corp. chief resign Featured

Sunil Sirisena has resigned as chairman of the National Film Corporation after being rebuked by a minister, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

The related incident is as follows:

EAP Films had imported a Hindi film recently along with its Tamil copy.

It had obtained permission to show only the Hindi film, but started showing the Tamil one as well without permission.

As the Tamil film was being shown, NFC officials raided the film hall, took up the matter legally and imposed a Rs. 500,000 fine.

Top EAP officials met Sirisena last Tuesday, where they tried to get him to withdraw the fine, but the chairman insisted on that.

Thereafter, a minister called Sirisena and told him that it was due to him that he was appointed the NFC chairman, and that he should leave if he could not do his bidding.

On the following day, Sirisena tendered his resignation and informed the Ministry of Cultural Affairs about the reasons for the decision.

The minister in question has also threatened the legal officer of the NFC to withdraw the fine.