Jan 09, 2019

Girl who escaped floods, dies in a well

A 10-year-old girl had died by drowning in an unprotected well in the Malayalapuram, Kilinochchi area on January 7th, according to the Kilinochchi Police.

The police said that the girl is a student of the Kilinochchi, Bharathi Vidyalaya and had fallen into the well when she had gone to the unprotected well to obtain water for household purposes.

The post-mortem examination was carried out at the Kilinochchi Hospital yesterday (08).

The residents say that the child had escaped the recent floods and had been in a shelter and had returned home recently when she had faced this tragedy.

The villagers claim that there is no room in their little hut to even place the child’s coffin.

(Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya- Vavuniya Corr.)

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