Jan 05, 2019

Around 18,000 candidates fail A/L examination Featured

Of the candidates who sat the GCE Advanced Level Examination in 2018, eighteen thousand two hundred and three (18,203) candidates have failed to get through any of the subjects, according to the Examinations Commissioner General Sanath Pujitha.

The GCE A/L examination results were released recently and 321,462 candidates had sat for the examination. Of them, 167,972 candidates had gained university entrance.

According to the Commissioner, this time there is an improvement in the science stream results with last time’s percentage of 56% increasing this year to 59%.

Results in the Bio-Science stream which was at 54% last year had improved to 57% this year.

Last year’s results of 57% in the biotechnology stream had improved to 59% this time, with bio-system technology improving from 61% to 64%, according to the Commissioner.