Jan 04, 2019

A report card on ‘good & bad’ ministers on 08th Featured

A group of seven UNP backbenchers has decided to submit a report to the prime minister about the ‘good and the bad’ ministers in the government.

Without stopping there, they will expose the ‘bad’ ministers at the party’s parliamentary group meeting on January 08, said backbencher Chaminda Wijesiri.

If those ministers did not correct themselves before the budget presentation in March, nearly 20 backbenchers will get together and refrain from voting on the votes of their ministries, he says.

In such an eventuality, the PM will be urged to ensure that such ministers resign, said Wijesiri.

The group of seven alleges that they have been denied even deputy ministerial positions due to the conduct of ‘bad’ ministers who are selfish and ignore the views of the party.

MP Mujibur Rahman says they will raise this matter at the parliamentary group meeting in four days’ time.