Jan 02, 2019

Fire breaks out at Castlereigh reserve (pics)

Around two acres of land in the Castlereigh reserve has been completely destroyed due to a fire. The fire had erupted around 5.00 pm yesterday (01) in the Norwood, Rockwood estate area in the Castlereigh reserve.

The security personnel in charge of the reservoir suspect that someone may have deliberately set fire to the forest reserve.

Due to the windy conditions in the area last evening, the fire had spread rapidly, destroying around two acres of the forest.

The fisher folk of the Castlereigh reservoir had taken measures to douse the fire.

The Castlereigh security divisions urge the public to notify the nearest police station if they have any information regarding those responsible for setting fire to the forest.

(Pics : Ranjith Rajapaksha- Hatton Corr.)

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CastleS2 670px 18 02 01